Land parcels and address layers service disruption

What is happening?

We have successfully loaded updates to the Cadastral and Location Address Framework data into our UAT environment for the past week. The plan to kickstart daily updates to these datasets in Production involves an initial 6-hour window to allow the dropping and reloading of the new datasets.

Period of disruption

We intend to undertake this activity from 6pm until midnight this evening (24/05/2024), after which we anticipate updates before 6am each morning.

How this affects you

For the duration of this activity, the Land parcel and Address layers will be completely unavailable. Applications such as the Queensland Globe, GeoResGlobe and QImagery will be available, but will obviously suffer some reduction in functionality.

We appreciate your ongoing patience as we restore the currency of these datasets.

Additional information and support

Email for all access-related enquiries.